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Ultrasonic gas mass flow meter with pressure and temeprature compensation included

With the deltawaveSUF you are purchasing a flow meter of the very latest generation.

Until now, the precise measurement of gas volumes has been very complex and expensive. Although mechanical meters measure the volume flow very accurately, they ignore the influence of pressure and temperature fluctuations, which leads to very large errors.

The deltawaveSUF takes over these tasks completely: it measures the volume flow very precisely in a huge measuring range thanks to multi-path ultrasonic measurement. Thanks to the integrated flow straighteners, this also works with very short inlet sections. Pressure and temperature sensors are already integrated in deltawaveSUF, as is the volume corrector, which compensates the results to the standard state (Nm³). The display shows the current volume flow and its metered value as well as the compensated standard volume flow and the metered quantity.

Billing reliability: accuracy class 0.5%, 1%, 1.5%, sealable, short inlet distances thanks to intelligent flow straighteners, failsafe data storage, works with and without power supply.

All series of SUF gas meters use multi-channel technology, the turn-down ratio is 1:100 for the perfect class 1, optionally even 0.5. Unlike mechanical flow meters, you also do not need any "flow energy" to drive a turbine, which is why the creeping quantities are almost zero.

  • Thanks to ultra-low-power technology, the deltawaveSUF only requires 1.8µA in standard operation. The standard battery pack can therefore be used continuously for 5 years.
  • The built-in diffuser and honeycomb flow straightener effectively reduce the necessary inlet distances.
  • The automatic temperature and pressure compensation, in conjunction with high-precision pressure and temperature sensors, enables extremely high measurement accuracy. Compensation takes place in real time!
  • The fail-safe automatic data backup leaves nothing to be desired: No matter whether the battery is empty or the power supply fails - parameters and values are not lost.
  • The advanced design concept and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes ensure efficient gas flow measurement, high reliability and cost-effective gas meters.